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complaint- stamina bug
So it takes 10 minutes to get 50 stamina. In the picture you will see i have 0 stamina and 2 minutes and 45 seconds left until i get my 50 stamina. You will also see the time on my computer in the bottom right hand corner saying it is 3:38 pm
[attachment = 80]

I can now close out of the game completely or i can just go to another tab on my browser and after i get my 50 stamina, the timer will not start counting down anymore. At 3:58 pm which is 20 minutes later i should have 100 stamina. Or Even if i wait til 4:48 pm, which an hour passed, i still only have 50 stamina and it says i have 10 minutes until i get 50 more stamina.  

Is this how the game is supposed to be or is this a bug?

I should also add this doesnt happen every time but about 75% of the time and i cant figure out why

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Hello, neolitebrite!

Which browser are you using? Do you have active extensions?
I am using chrome and no extensions. It also seems to happen sometimes when i switch over to my phone after i leave my computer. i have been trying to make sure i log out of which ever im not on because i thought that might be causing a problem but it still happens sometimes
I've been trying to narrow it down and it doesnt seem to happen very often on the phone, maybe like 5% of the time if that but it does happen very often on the computer. Its like once the countdown timer hits 0 it just doesnt refresh in order to start the countdown timer again. It should be very hard to see the 10mins till 50 more energy timer unless you actually saw the timer count down to 0 and reset but i see it almost everytime i log in. I will try today and see if it only happens when i leave the game with zero energy or if it still happens if i have 50 or 100 energy already before i close the window
so from what i have discovered, if i close the webpage or minimize the webpage the timer does not reset after it hits 0. I have to exit the chat window as well as fully log out in order for it to reset so that when i come back in 40 minutes i have my 200/200 stamina

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